Get Coverage Based on Your Assets – Not on Assumptions

What’s crucial as your wealth grows? Adjusting your personal risk portfolio along the way – with help from an advisor who has the experience and specialized knowledge that’s right for you. You may already know about M3’s outstanding business insurance services. But did you know that for more than 40 years, M3 has insured the personal assets of business executives and their families?

Your assets and lifestyle are unique – and so are your risks. M3 offers candid, insightful advice on how to best insure your possessions and estate. To understand you, we’ll be asking questions like these:

  • Is your insurance provider able to keep up with your changing lifestyle?
  • Do you review your personal liability protection every year?
  • Do you really know if your valuables are covered under your Homeowners policy? (They very well may not be.)
  • And speaking of valuables, when is the last time you had items like your fine jewelry appraised?

We could go on – and we will when we meet. That’s how we’re going to understand the best ways to keep you protected.

Covering Your Home and All It Contains: