Group Personal Excess Liability

Want a smart way to get more coverage not just for your people, but for your business as well? Group personal excess liability insurance provides an added layer of affordable protection that could make a real difference toward your peace of mind – and the bottom line. 

Consider Extended Personal Coverage for Your Executives & Owners

Provide personal liability coverage for key personnel at your business, along with legal protection for cases involving property damage, personal injury or bodily injury. This type of policy – Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance – offers a variety of advantages, including:

  • Lower costs: It is likely less expensive than what executives are currently spending on individual policies.
  • Better coverage: The amount of liability coverage increases and higher limits are available as compared with personal policies, and with less underwriting. With an excess policy, the amount of liability coverage increases for:
    • Homes (primary, vacation and rental)
    • Cars and motorcycles (may include rental vehicles)
    • Recreational vehicles (ATVs, golf carts, personal watercraft, snowmobiles)
    • Larger watercraft

Is it for you?

Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance is Ideal for:

  • Entities with 10+ owners: S-corporations, partnerships, LLCs, LLPs
  • Entities with 10+ highly compensated employees that want to provide a valued financial benefit
  • Professional service firms: accounting, law, engineering, consulting, financial services
  • Family offices seeking to protect wealth to transfer to future generations