Executive Benefits

Can You Take Your Executive Benefits Plan to the Next Level?

M3 can work on strategies to help you protect your leadership team and their families with enhanced benefits like these:

  • Supplemental Disability
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
  • Executive Bonus Life Insurance

Supplemental Long Term Disability

Supplemental Long Term Disability complements group coverage to enhance total disability benefits.This additional coverage increases the percentage of income replacement while an employee is disabled. A combination of both supplemental and group disability plans is therefore an effective way for you to protect high income earners and their families.

Does your coverage have you covered?

When it comes to income protection, group disability is a good start. But, group disability plans do have their limitations. Consider that they:

  • May only cover 50-60% of income, and high income earners are subject to benefit caps
  • May not cover bonuses, commissions, or incentive compensation
  • Could be treated as taxable income if the employer pays the premium
  • Are not portable if an employee leaves current employer
  • May only cover an employee in select occupation for a limited amount of time

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