Keeping you protected—so your business can keep moving

M3’s Transportation Practice comprises a dedicated team of advisors focused on the risk management and employee benefits needs of trucking, bus, and coach businesses; auto, truck, and recreational vehicle dealerships.

M3 doesn’t just go through the motions. We work hard to understand your current challenges. We then focus our people and resources on whatever it is that’s going to help you function more safely, efficiently, and profitably. That can mean providing customized consulting to help you with crucial matters like:

  • Planning and reporting on benchmarking initiatives for benefits, workers’ compensation, and risk mitigation activities
  • Maintaining a company culture where safety and health & wellness benefit your employees—and create a positive ripple effect on your business
  • Complying with DOT, OSHA, and other industry regulations (including mock DOT audits)
  • Strengthening your recruitment and hiring practices, establishing results-oriented driver safety programs, and implementing award and recognition programs

Serving as an extension of M3’s risk management team for clients with fleet operations, Fleetworthy Solutions provides compliance services to carrier fleets that take them “Beyond Compliant” through their proprietary Intelligent Compliance Platform, experienced staff, and use of data.

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You’ll also benefit from the close relationships M3 has established with insurance carriers who specialize in your industry. Our volume and the strong connections we’ve formed ultimately mean you’ll have better options to choose from and more purchasing power, which also means your dollar goes further with M3.

Bushnell Ford

Since the opening of our Bushnell Ford Inc. dealership in 1971, we have worked with a number of different insurance companies. But never in our history have we been treated to the high level of professionalism and expertise we get with M3 Insurance. I highly recommend working with the M3 team for every aspect of your business insurance.

Bruce Bushnell Dealer

Eau Claire Automotive Group

I purchased my first store in 2011, and was immediately faced with the overwhelming responsibility of managing thousands of details. Insurance soon hit my radar, and my experience in that area was limited. I contacted several agencies, including M3 Insurance. The M3 rep was super helpful and walked me through everything with a willing attitude and great respect. It soon became an easy decision to put my trust in M3 – one of the best decisions I made during all the chaos. Over the past six years our company has grown and expanded, and M3 has been with us all along. They’ve been very competitive at renewal time, but it’s their understanding of our needs and the great service that keeps me an M3 client.

Michael Keil Dealer