You want a broker who understands your business. For M3’s Senior Living & Social Services Practice, we don’t just think that’s a smart expectation—we believe it’s crucial.

An Advisor with Real Expertise Can Make a Huge Difference . . .

M3 didn’t get to be the largest writer of Senior Living and Social Services organizations in the Midwest without being genuine experts who have a record of success with clients of all sizes.

Understanding what your world looks like

Nursing homes and similar establishments are some of the most regulated facilities in the country.

On top of that, because you function on the outskirts of the healthcare industry, you unfortunately may not have the same kinds of protection that clinics and hospitals enjoy. And that makes you particularly vulnerable to litigation.

Seeing the M3 Difference by the Numbers

Claims for our Senior Living & Social Services clients average $9,600. Now compare that to the state average for the industry: $160,000.

What makes that possible? In short, it’s our people. Their specialized expertise and years of industry experience have enabled them to develop a proven process, one that can make a big impact on your bottom line.

Turnover: Focusing on Factors You Can Control

No one understands the challenges of high turnover better than you. And though it may indeed be an accepted industry norm, there are ways to actually combat turnover. M3 takes a proactive role in identifying strategies that put the focus on employee job satisfaction.

Specialized Professionals, Tuned In To Serve You »

Our senior living & social services professionals are in tune with associations serving your industry. This WHCA/WiCAL partnership video features Pat LeMire discussing emerging trends that impact assisted living facilities.

How you benefit from your team »

What would happen if you had an actual team of professionals whose sole focus was helping clients just like you? We help our clients stay protected, perform better, and create a safer, more satisfying environment for everyone—both staff and residents. Here’s just a sampling of how we help our Senior Living & Social Services clients...