Manufacturing & Distribution

Looking for Ways to Get Bigger, Faster, Stronger, and Smarter?

The market today is as competitive as ever. And that means you’re constantly on the lookout for smarter ways to adapt and improve, ways that enable you to function more efficiently and effectively. What if you had an insurance broker on your side who did the same? 

At M3, we think that’s a perfectly legitimate expectation. In fact, it’s why we have a Manufacturing & Distribution Practice that’s dedicated to doing way more than just providing you “tried and true” services. By having genuine industry specialists who really understand your business and the distinct challenges you face, you’re able to benefit from an actual advisor. Nobody can know the ins and outs of your business as well as you do—but we aim to be a close second.  

The Power of Specializing: You’ll Feel It

Sure, it’s easy to hang the “specialize” shingle out, but the real proof is in the service you get from your broker. At M3, we believe you’ll notice it the minute you sit down with us. Think you’ll need to burn up valuable time explaining what a CNC machine is, giving us the lowdown on product recall standards, or explaining the latest industry intrigue that’s keeping you up at night? Not likely.

Specializing allows us to hit the ground running with our clients. In other words, we’re ready to dig into the minutiae of your business, take things off your plate, and start making a real impact on your bottom line—from sharing new strategies that better address product liability to preparing you for emerging cyber threats to exploring innovative ways to get broad coverages unique to your business, like captive insurance programs.

Got International Exposures? We've Got You Covered. »

As more American-based companies expand their operations overseas, M3 recognizes the additional challenges they face. Across the globe or close to home, M3 provides creative solutions to clients with international exposures. 

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Closing the Skilled Labor Gap »

Automation won’t be the solution to everything. M3’s Manufacturing & Distribution and Education & Government Practices are working together with businesses, high schools, and technical colleges in an effort to invigorate interest in manufacturing careers.