Healthcare Practice

Turning the challenges of today’s healthcare market into opportunities to innovate and lead...

With so much riding on the health and well-being of your employees, wouldn't it be great to have a partner who can help you innovate in ways that can have a lasting impact on your group’s performance – and your overall profitability?

Yes, you can get exceptional support from M3 when it comes to employee benefits and insurance placement. And that goes for property & casualty and workers’ compensation support as well. But with M3’s Healthcare practice group, you get so much more.

Understand your cost of absence – and do something about it.

The cost of absence is high, but the right information can help you lead the market and establish best practices within your own organization first. M3 is disrupting the market with new approaches that can help you manage leave more efficiently. And when you do that, you get leaner. That means you create opportunities for new resources, resources that engage your staff and help you become a more competitive employer of choice. 

Take more control in your quest for talent.

Speaking of that staff, are you doing all you can to recruit the best? You know firsthand how challenging it is today to find and keep exceptional talent. And once you find the right talent the challenge is keeping them at work, doing what they do best. M3 is leading the way with new products and services that increase employee satisfaction – and productivity.

Take a deeper look at bundling.

Don’t lag behind as an industry trend is emerging to revolutionize how you get paid. How well do you understand the bundled payment system? What should you bundle and why?  Could you integrate risk-based contracting into a fee-for-service structure?  And perhaps most important, what improvements could be revealed if your current system was examined by an outside expert like M3?   M3 can help you with crucial insight on bundling, risk-based contracting, and fee-for-service models.

Increasing your market share.

Are you truly capitalizing on your market opportunities? For example, could you be gaining more of the workers’ compensation market? M3 is helping providers access new markets in musculoskeletal care, digital weight management programs and more. By analyzing your competitive landscape, we can help you understand – and expand – your opportunities.