Employee Benefits

Employee expectations continue to evolve, and you want a benefits program that’s competitive – but also viable. Show how much you value your employees and recognize their needs with help from M3’s benefits specialists.

Self-Funded Practice

A Health Plan That’s In Your Hands: The Self-Funded Option

Can a self-funded health plan work for you? First, get the right guidance. 

Self-funded health plans can be a cost-effective and extremely flexible approach to your company’s overall health insurance strategy. But this flexibility can also be complicated. Stop-loss coverage, third-party administrators, ERISA compliance – elements like these make self-funding your health plan significantly different than buying a benefit plan “off the shelf.”

M3’s dedicated self-funded practice can work with you to see if self-funding is an attractive option for your business.

Creating genuine connections with our clients that lead to real-world results – that’s. . .

The M3 Experience
  • We can help you design a plan, choose benefit programs, and select providers that are best suited for your company – and provide the best overall value.
  • We work with “best in class” providers and monitor their performance and service on your behalf –including third-party administrators, prescription drug benefit managers, and stop-loss carriers.
  • Through our in-house risk management department, we’re able to determine the appropriate level of risk for your business and the proper stop-loss coverages that you’ll need. We also work with underwriters to create competitive pricing.
  • We keep you informed and compliant on Health Care Reform, HIPAA, COBRA, ERISA, and other regulations through our in-house counsel.
  • We can help you minimize your risk and manage cost drivers through benchmarking studies, risk assessments, and employee wellness programs.