Employee Benefits

Employee expectations continue to evolve, and you want a benefits program that’s competitive – but also viable. Show how much you value your employees and recognize their needs with help from M3’s benefits specialists.

International Risk Management

When It Comes to Our Client-Focused Service, There Are No Borders

As more American-based companies expand their operations overseas, M3 recognizes the additional challenges they face. Our multinational clients count on us for knowledge and support with cultural, language and legal requirements. Across the globe or close to home, M3 provides creative solutions to clients with international exposures. 

Globex International Group

Together, Globex and M3 offer crucial resources and expertise for our employee benefits clients with international exposures. You'll have a dedicated team of professionals experienced in international brokerage and underwriting, and a worldwide network of over 300 agents and brokers, spanning 130 countries.