Employee Benefits

Employee expectations continue to evolve, and you want a benefits program that’s competitive – but also viable. Show how much you value your employees and recognize their needs with help from M3’s benefits specialists.


Could a Health Captive Be Right for You?

As health care costs continue to rise, employers are basically left with three choices: shift costs to employees, eat costs, or reduce benefits. 

Maybe you feel your current health care plan doesn’t allow the kind of control you’d really like—or offer the stability and transparency that inspires confidence. But don't despair. There may be a better alternative...

A captive insurance program can give you a new level of control and financial independence, allowing you to break from the cyclical nature of the traditional insurance marketplace.

Consider a Health Captive if you:

  • Have 50-500+ covered employees
  • Desire more cost control
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Care about your employees' health
  • Understand "risk for reward"

M3's Captive Partners

M3 is committed to offering the best solutions to meet clients’ specific needs.  The captive firms listed below are strategic partners of M3 and available to assist with a thorough review and analysis of how a captive might work for your business.Due to our independent nature, we choose to provide objective advice on the merits of captives versus a sales approach.