Property & Casualty

At M3, we work hard to identify issues and find solutions for transferring or managing your risks. More than that, we arm you with the tools and resources that help make your job easier.

Small Business Risk Management

Helping You Maximize the Power of Small

Gutsy, skillful, dedicated, vital—and, yes, small. For insurance purposes, your company may be designated as “small,” but M3 knows your small business has a big impact on your community and the economy. More than that, we know that small doesn’t equal simple. Managing your risks with smart, customized property & casualty insurance, complying with compliance regulations as cost-effectively as possible—these are complicated matters. Meanwhile, you’ve got a business to run and customers to satisfy, just like any business, no matter its size.

But then again, you are unique. You may be juggling the roles of CEO, accounting, and HR—on a daily basis. And with all the responsibilities you take on, wouldn’t it be great to know you have a partner looking out for your business insurance needs? That’s exactly why M3 has a dedicated Small Business team who specializes in meeting the challenges you face.

M3: Too big for small businesses? How ‘bout just right

Since we’re small business specialists within a larger agency, we can draw from resources many small business providers just don’t have. That includes web-based tools and options—like claims filing—that make your tasks a whole lot easier.

You’ll also benefit from the relationships M3 has established over our more than 50 years of business. Here’s how: Because of our volume and the strong connections we’ve formed with lots of carriers, we bring ample leverage as we negotiate on your behalf. Translation: You’ll have better options to choose from and more purchasing power, which means your dollar goes further with M3


Our small business clients benefit from M3 connections in big ways...

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