Property & Casualty

At M3, we work hard to identify issues and find solutions for transferring or managing your risks. More than that, we arm you with the tools and resources that help make your job easier.

Cyber Liability

You’ve Invested A Lot in Technology. Now How About Your Cyber Liability?

Can we get hacked? Will we get hacked? What’s our exposure – and what are the real risks to my business?

Critical questions like these are being asked by businesses and organizations of all kinds, including yours. And they should be. Customer/client data forms the lifeblood of your work. Meanwhile, the risk of data loss – from hacking, equipment theft, employee fraud, negligence and more – continues to grow.

When you partner with M3 for your cyber risks, we believe you should work from a when not an if scenario. In other words, we assume your business will indeed be subject to an attempted breach. What are your strategies for when that happens? How will you determine if you’ve effectively addressed the threats to your data? The responsibility to investigate, fund, and remedy known breaches rests solely on the shoulders of the company that owns the information. Are you prepared for what that means?

If you use technology for your business, you’re at risk. Work with an advisor who understands cyber liability and can get you protected.

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