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Builders Risk

Don’t Take Chances: Get the Right Protection with Builders Risk Insurance Specialists

Every building project starts with a vision. But as that vision grows into actual construction, something else grows along with it – risk. Builders risk insurance is a limited term policy that covers a building project from start to finish. M3 advisors are routinely poring over builders risk policies, scrutinizing the related contracts, and advocating for our clients as we negotiate with insurance companies. We know the realm of builder's risk insurance well. This kind of knowledge helps keep our clients protected over the critical span of construction.

Partnering with Experienced Professionals is Key

Maybe it goes without saying – all insurance policies are not created equal. When it comes to builders risk insurance, that’s especially true. Unlike other major types of insurance, builders risk is unregulated. Policies vary widely from company to company, can be extremely complicated and may contain exclusions that could be devastating to you and your project in the event of a loss. It is crucial to have advisors with deep understanding of builders risk insurance on your side. Enter M3.

Our knowledgeable team does the following for you:

  • Uses time-tested tools to identify and protect against risk
  • Partners with insurance companies that provide the most comprehensive policies
  • Understands how to analyze the bank documents and construction contracts which specify the builder's risk coverages required
  • Advocates on your behalf in the event of a claim by methodically analyzing your policy and skillfully negotiating with the insurance company to help you get the maximum coverage amount possible

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