Innovating School Districts: Onsite Health Clinics

Onsite Health Clinics Benefit Students, Teachers, and the Community

Combining our expertise in risk management and employee benefits, M3 is working with school districts around the state to implement onsite medical and mental health clinics for employees and students.

Why? Because making a clinic visit as easy as possible can bring a whole host of benefits: Convenient access to a medical clinic can mean better management of chronic conditions, earlier detection of illnesses, and more immediate treatment of injuries. And improving the availability of a mental health clinic can lead to students getting timely, professional support with issues like mental illness, substance abuse, family crises, interpersonal conflicts, and academic challenges.

These factors translate into a safer, healthier school environment, in particular, a place with less absenteeism. And that means—as the research clearly shows—a better learning environment.

Other benefits of onsite clinics include stronger staff recruitment, better staff retention, and fewer workers’ compensation claims.

In some cases, M3 is helping make these clinics available to students’ families and the general public as well. This is just one more way to help schools—and the communities they’re a part of—continue to improve and prosper.

To see just what kind of an impact this work can have a community, watch this video featuring an M3 success story with the onsite clinic in the Southern Door School District:

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