Community Impact

The spirit of giving – it’s been integral to M3 since our founding more than 50 years ago. With the formation of the M3 Foundation in 2016, M3 has taken that instinct to do good to the next level. M3 continues to support the charitable attitudes of M3 employees, while the M3 Foundation solidifies our legacy of financial giving. The communities where we live and work give us a lot. M3 wants to give back in ways that have real value. That’s why we donate our time and money to local organizations that help make people’s lives better.

Interested in applying for a corporate donation from the M3 Foundation?

The M3 Foundation focuses on areas of health care, safety improvement, catastrophic event relief, financial education and literacy, and the promotion of careers in the insurance industry. Our committee meets several times each year to review applications and award monetary gifts to eligible organizations. The annual deadline for requests is December 31st.

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Current giving request submissions are considered for gifts in 2021.

M3 staff serve on boards, committees, and task forces, offering their leadership and mobilizing their connections to help further crucial causes in our communities. LEARN MORE

Working with amazing organizations, M3 employees head out to our communities and, with a little elbow grease, make an impact. LEARN MORE

Organizations that help shape our communities can use a helping hand. M3 staff make a difference by volunteering their professional skills to them. LEARN MORE

It’s not the donation – it’s what that donation does. At both the corporate level and the individual level, M3 gives to change lives and better our communities. LEARN MORE