Our People Move Us Forward

When you're part of the M3 team, your role is so much more than the bullet points on a job description. We hire the best talent because we want to see you flourish. That's why M3 empowers you to make your role meaningful, exciting, and yes, fun.

Recruitment Process

Making Your Way to the M3 Team

Will you bring passion and a strong work ethic to your position? Does helping others inspire you? We can’t really teach those qualities – but we can definitely help them thrive. Your role at M3 won’t be about boundaries; it’ll be about possibilities. We’re looking for people ready to take control of their career and excited to make a real impact with their position. Could that be you?

First things first: M3 appreciates and respects all applicants – whether or not you end up working here. That means we work hard to keep you in the loop during the hiring process. And we never leave you hanging. That’s just not the way we do things at M3.

So You Made it to the Interview Stage. Now What?

Of course M3 wants to get to know you. But we also want you to get to know us. That’s why we structure our interview process the way we do. Begin by asking yourself, does M3 feel like the right place for me?

Our interview process usually goes like this: First, expect a phone conversation. Next, we’ll talk with you in-person (or by video). If both you and M3 are still clicking after that, we’ll move to the final phase of the interview. 

The First Step: A Video Interview

Our video interview process empowers you to respond to initial interview questions when and where it works best for you. Learn more about M3's innovative interview platform.

The final interview stage will likely take a good part of the day. You’ll talk with other members of your potential team, possibly take some position related assessments, and spend one-on-one time with your potential manager. We really want to give you an opportunity to meet our people and get a feel for our culture. Depending on the nature of the position, other steps like delivering a presentation or conducting a case study could be included as well.

The final step will be the job offer from M3 – and your decision.

Love M3 But Don’t See the Position of Your Dreams Available?

Good news – you still have another option. If you’re interested in M3 as an organization and you think your attitude, passion and skills fit, we encourage you to fill out a general application.

When we have a moment for a conversation, we’ll reach out. We’d love to learn more about you. Then, if that dream position becomes available, you’ve already set the process in motion.