Our People Move Us Forward

When you're part of the M3 team, your role is so much more than the bullet points on a job description. We hire the best talent because we want to see you flourish. That's why M3 empowers you to make your role meaningful, exciting, and yes, fun.


Doing All We Can to Help You Succeed

Onboarding has become a popular term for getting new employees settled into their jobs. You could assume our process is like a lot of other companies – but you’d be way off!

M3’s onboarding program goes well beyond getting your key card, filling out tax forms, and watching a couple of training videos. A dedicated Professional Development team customizes your onboarding experience based on your strengths (what you already know), your growth opportunities (areas where you’ll benefit from additional training), and the specific knowledge you’ll require to be successful in your new role.

The process unfolds over a carefully phased period of 30 to 90 days. That means you won’t be overwhelmed. And because M3 has designated common start days, you’ll be able to share part of your onboarding experience with other new employees.

Our Onboarding Helps Prepare You in Lots of Ways

1. You’ll learn who we are.

So the interview process has given you a glimpse of what M3 is about. Now we want to make sure you have a solid grasp of your new company by exploring what really goes on at M3. 

2. Sink or swim is not the M3 way.

The onboarding period allows for an important transition – from where you were to where you want to go with M3.

3. You won’t be going it alone.

We’ll connect you to the people you need to hit the ground running at M3. You’ll have outlets to build relationships with key individuals and have access to your Professional Development team, department manager, as well as a mentor.

4. You'll learn how you fit into the bigger picture. 

That’s not boring corporate stuff. You’ll see why you matter at M3 – and why you have the power to make an impact.