Our People Move Us Forward

When you're part of the M3 team, your role is so much more than the bullet points on a job description. We hire the best talent because we want to see you flourish. That's why M3 empowers you to make your role meaningful, exciting, and yes, fun.

Career Planning

Let Us Dream with You

Once you’ve been onboarded and are comfortable in your role, your development doesn’t stop there! When you engage in career planning conversations with your manager, we want you to think way beyond your current role and responsibilities. We really do want you to dream. 

Own Your Career Path (While We Help Along the Way)

Career planning at M3 is an ongoing process. We provide the resources and supportive environment to help you realize your career aspirations. What would you like your career to look like? How would you like it to evolve – even if that meant big changes to your current role? We want to have those conversations with you. Why? Because we respect your abilities, your insights, and your energy. And by listening to you, we’re then able to collaborate and provide the kind of support and training you need to make your career dreams come true! Ultimately, you own your career path. Does that excite you? We hope so. 

Phases of M3 Career Planning

Phase I: Assess Yourself

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint what gets you motivated, and think of other roles you might enjoy.

Phase II: Explore Options

Look for ways to stay motivated, determine how you can make the biggest impact, and explore where you see yourself in 2-5 years through thoughtful research.

Phase III: Analyze Options & Set Goals

Determine the outcomes you want and their potential timelines, step back from the big picture to establish feasible targets, and set goals – both long- and short-term.

Phase IV: Develop Skills

Identify what you need to know to reach your goals and establish a path to that knowledge (e.g., education, training, self-study).

Phase V: Perform & Market Yourself

Excel in your current role while you work your plan, discuss goals with managers and influencers, and take on tasks that support and highlight the direction you want to go.