Boom Time Challenges: Getting the Most Value from Your Insurance Broker 

Times are good! Buildings are going up everywhere you look, the backlogs are deep, and revenue is trending upward. But every day at M3, our Construction & Real Estate Practice is also seeing the unique challenges that can come with these good times, challenges that many of you in construction and real estate development are facing for the first time. 

But we don’t just notice your evolving challenges, we do something about them. That’s why we focus our people and resources on whatever it is that’s going to help you function more safely, efficiently, and profitably. Think about it: how do you get the most value from your insurance broker? By getting services geared to your current needs. 

That seems so obvious—unfortunately, it’s not the norm. But it’s exactly what we do at M3. We’re not only knowledgeable; we’re flexible. And that means you get timely, customized support from a dedicated team of CRIS-certified professionals that includes risk management experts with decades of industry-specific experience.

Support when working with unfamiliar companies

When your go-to project partners, subcontractors, or suppliers are swamped, that can mean working with companies you’re not familiar with. Instead of spending valuable time trying to figure out if they’re right for you, you can look to M3 for help with reviewing contracts, insurance certificates, safety practices, and employee qualifications.

Getting help with your hiring challenges

The need to hire is intense, and a qualified work force is increasingly scarce. That can mean hiring more unskilled labor. What are the steps you can take to best handle that situation? And what about qualified candidates that unfortunately have poor driving records? We can help you find solutions.

Keeping safety #1

M3 wants what you want: safe workers that can sustain an income, maintain their ability to work, and return at night to their families. And the safer they are, the better your business performs. You may be busier than ever; you may have doubled the size of your company; but you simply cannot afford to let your safety standards slip. M3’s in-house construction risk managers can conduct job site audits and compliance reviews, develop and lead safety training programs, and provide support to help you maintain a culture of safety.

There’s Risk Management—and Then There’s Risk Management at M3

M3 provides more than 25 professionals dedicated solely to risk management—that’s more than a lot of insurance carriers have. On top of that, this includes specialists who focus on nothing but the construction industry.

A Critical Focus: Workers’ Compensation

No one knows better than you just how physical construction can be. On average, more than half of a construction company’s spend is on workers’ compensation. M3’s risk management approach can have a profound effect on your effectiveness—and your bottom line. A big reason for that is our data analytics for workers’ compensation.
Not only are you going to fully understand your Experience Modification Rate (EMR). You’re going to have risk management specialists running the numbers and verifying that it’s actually accurate. More than that, you’ll have a team dedicated to continually looking for strategies to lower that EMR.