Risk Management

Empower Your Company to Take Action, Action That Creates Real Results

Who wouldn’t like to reduce risks and minimize costs? M3 helps you identify measurable ways to make that happen. The potential to make significant changes at your workplace is immense – and we’ll show you how to tap into it.

We can help you manage cost drivers through benchmarking studies, risk assessments, and employee wellness programs. And when it comes to technical minutiae, we keep you informed and compliant on health care-related regulations through our governmental compliance unit. 

We also provide access to employee education and communications programs and bring you new ideas to keep your employees informed and engaged. Plus, our data analysis and reporting can play a key role in making sound, data-supported decisions.

M3 Employee Benefits Risk Management Services

Legal & Compliance

Access all kinds of resources, and learn how to comply with the latest government regulations – including COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, ERISA, Health Care Reform, and more. 

M3’s Compliance Attorneys are dedicated to keeping you informed about state and federal laws that affect business insurance and employee benefits administration.

We can help map your route to compliance and give you the tools to achieve it, including access to at-a-glance legal information, legislative alerts, seminars and webinars, help with Form 5500 preparation, and other handy ways to keep you compliant.

Employee Wellness Programs

Designing a comprehensive, long-term employee wellness plan can be daunting. Our approach is to work together with our clients to create a customized, strategic wellness plan for your organization, which will be the framework for all of your wellness efforts. M3’s Health Promotion Advisor will help you determine your unique goals and objectives and structure a timeline for completion.

M3's staff Wellness Consultant will take into account factors such as your organization’s size, location(s), demographics, culture and the level of commitment from senior management. The end result will be a practical plan that will fit your organization and ready you to implement wellness initiatives that effectively engages your employees in healthier lifestyles and will help you meet your business goals.

Employee Communication & Engagement

Data clearly shows us that the more employees understand their benefits, the more engaged they’ll be. That sounds like a nice idea, but how can you make it happen? M3’s Communications Advisor will partner with you to develop a comprehensive communication strategy to help your employees understand how their benefits plan works. We’ll look for ways to ensure consistent messaging, facilitate the deployment process, drive smart benefits use, and enhance your internal brand. Then we’ll give you the tools to carry out the strategy and measure results.

Risk Analysis

M3’s Data Analytics team examines the data behind the rates to provide a qualified assessment of renewal calculations and utilization cost drivers to help identify potential savings opportunities. We summarize the data most indicative of plan performance. Just as important, we present it in a format that’s easy to understand and use, helping you convert the information into meaningful change.

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