Volunteering with Passion – and a Purpose

For M3 employees, volunteerism is not about going through the motions just to get out of the office. They look for causes they’re passionate about – and then get out there and make a difference.


Having Enough to Eat...What Could Be More Essential?

Lisa Gundlach knows what it takes to fight hunger in our communities. In her role as major gifts officer at Second Harvest, she helps carry out a fundamentally important mission: provide hunger relief through community partnerships. That partnership aspect is crucial for the effectiveness of Second Harvest, which is the largest hunger relief charity in southwestern Wisconsin. “It takes a lot of partners to make it work,” says Lisa.

M3 appreciates the profound impact that Second Harvest has on local communities. Lisa calls M3 a company that gives “in a 360 degree way.” That means M3 supports Second Harvest not only with financial contributions at the corporate level, but its leaders and staff get involved by making individual donations and organizing their own fundraising drives. And they also volunteer.

According to Lisa, “Our hours of operation are during the daytime. We really need volunteers then. M3 is great about allowing employees to take time away from the office to volunteer – and that’s critical for us to function.” 

Volunteers from M3 work at the Second Harvest warehouse or its distribution centers by sorting and organizing donated food and getting it onto to the refrigerated trucks. Those trucks in turn will head to the food pantries, meal sites, and shelters of the 200+ hunger relief organizations in Second Harvest’s 16-county service area.

M3 staff also donate their time during the Share Your Holidays program, a six-week fundraising campaign that relies heavily on phone bank volunteers to take calls and help in the process of ultimately turning donor dollars into meals. “Without volunteer help at that event,” says Lisa, “we wouldn’t be able to raise the funds for hundreds of thousands of meals.”

1=3 (We checked the math.)

A dollar donated to Second Harvest provides three meals. And for every one of those dollars, 94 cents goes directly to providing meals. Last year, Second Harvest, along with its partner agencies and programs, provided 12.6 million meals to struggling members of the community. That’s why M3 and so many of its employees give their time and money to Second Harvest. Volunteering is a great way to experience Second Harvest in action. It’s also a great way for M3 to give back to the communities where we live and work.